CCB: Syncing - automatic and manual

You can set up an automatic sync for your Pushpay/Church Community Builder events. You can also do a manual sync any time you wish.

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Syncing your Display.Church calendar(s) and/or events list(s) with your CCB account keeps the information on your Display.Church items up to date. You can set things up to sync automatically. Sometimes, however, you need to do a manual sync. Here is how to do both.


To set up an automatic sync

***Before you do this, you will need to create an API user in your CCB account. Here is a walkthrough of how to do that.***

Now that you have set up your API user...

Step 1: Log in to Display.Church and go to your Dashboard. In your Configuration Checklist, click on Sync with Church Community Builder [orange box].

Step 2: The CCB synchronization page will open. Click on Add CCB Account [ orange box].

Step 3: Fill in your API Username and API User Password.

Step 4: Fill in your Subdomain. Then, decide whether or not you want to pull private events from all your calendars. If you do, check the box. If not, leave it unchecked. Now, click Start Integration [orange box].

Note that it may take a few minutes for the process to be completed.

You may get an additional message about the wait time.

Once the process is successfully completed, you will be returned to the CCB synchronization page. You will see the details of your sync.

You will also see that Step 2 in your Configuration Checklist shows as completed.

Your data will sync automatically according to the Display.Church sync schedule.


Step 1: Click on the downward arrow next to your login profile to open up the dropdown menu. Then click on CCB Sync.

Step 2: Click on the Action icon [three vertical dots, brown box below]. A dropdown menu will open.

Step 3: There are two sync options.

Option #1: Quick Sync

This option will update existing data. This is recommended when you would like to pull newly added events ASAP instead of waiting for your auto-sync.

Option #2: Full Re-Sync

This will wipe all synced data while keeping calendar settings such as filtered groups, etc. This option should be used when more changes have been made on the CCB end like moving groups across campuses, etc.

NOTE: using this option will open a confirm window (above) so you (and us) can make sure this is the sync you want to choose.

Click on the preferred sync option.

Step 4: You will be returned to the CCB synchronization screen. Notice that there is a message "Sync in progress..." [green box].

At the end of the sync, the Last Sync date will be updated [green box]. In this case, it is the date this article was written (we did a manual sync just for you!).

You will also receive an email letting you know.

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