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Display.Church cannot access your Pushpay public form data. However, you can still link to those forms using one of our two suggestions.

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Display.Church (D.C) now links with Pushpay/CCB (Pushpay) Groups.

One of the features of Pushpay Groups is the ability to link to a form. There are two main options for this. One option is a public form. Another option is via Automations.

In D.C, you can also link to a form. However, the process is slightly different than how you do it in Pushpay.

Why is the process different?

D.C gets its information from the Pushpay API.

API stands for application programming interface. It is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.

If information is not in the Pushpay API, D.C has no way to access it...even if you see it in Pushpay.

For example:
Here is a screenshot from a Pushpay Groups public page.

In Pushpay, if you click on the blue Join button (see image above), you will be taken to the Pushpay public form 'Camp Registration' as per the set up (see image below).

Group public forms are not in the Pushpay API. So, Display.Church cannot access, display, and/or link to this information.

How do you link to Group forms in Display.Church?

In the D.C Design tab, there are two CTAs (calls-to-action):

The options for each CTA are the same. The 5 options are:

For example: Here is a screenshot from a Display.Church Cards (Grid) Groups widget.

The first CTA links to a form which has been tied to this Group via a Pushpay Automation (yellow arrow in image below).

The second CTA links to the Pushpay Groups page for this group (pink arrow in image below).

There is a URL in the description (blue box in image below).

SUGGESTION 1: Link to a form

Use the Pushpay Automations feature to link a group to a form. Note that if a Group has more than one form in Automations, Display.Church will link to the most recent one.

Step 1: In the Forms view, click on the form you wish to link.

Step 2: In the Automations tab, click on New Automation. Complete the process as required.

SUGGESTION 2: Use first/last URL from group's description

Include your form link in the group's description.

Step 1: In the Forms view, find the form you wish to link to. Hover at the right hand end of the form detail line.

Step 2: Choose Copy Link from the 3-dot action menu.

Step 3: In your group's description...

3.1 Type any description you want (blue box in image below).

3.2 At the end, copy/paste this html code and change the information as required:


The form link is the link you got from Step 2 (yellow lines in image below).

The label text is what you want the hyperlink to say (pink line in image below).

3.3 Save your changes.

Here is what the above would look like on your Pushpay Groups public page:

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