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Display.Church: Languages

Using a different language from English? We are starting to handle this.

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Your church may use a language different from English. Or it might be multi-cultural, using several language. Display.Church is in the process of handling other languages besides English.

How does it work?

It is done automatically by Display.Church as per your browser settings.

Which languages are available?

2024.06.04: So far we have English, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.

What is translated?

2024.06.04 Currently, we are translating the dates in the main calendar view. We are also translating the static labels in the popup. See two images below for examples in Spanish.

Interested in helping us expand our translation efforts or have any suggestions for languages we should prioritize, we would love to hear from you?

Option 1: Add a translation.

Step 2: Add your translation in the next available empty column. Please remember to add your language name.

Step 3: Post us a note via our website chat. We will add your translation to Display.Church with many thanks!

Option 2: Please reach out to our friendly support team, who are always ready to assist you.

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