Forms: Troubleshooting (CCB)

Having difficulty with your Pushpay/CCB forms? Here are some ideas to help solve those issues.

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You feel you have followed the guidance in one or both of these articles---

However, your form does not appear.

Here are three suggestions to check out.

Suggestion 1

It could be due to private vs public event settings. In other words, your event is private, but you have not updated your settings to display private events on your calendar view.

Suggestion 2

Is it a recurring event? If so, you need to check on the CCB side that your forms continue to show for all recurring events.

Suggestion 3

Lastly, does this event have the same name (or almost the same name) to another event? If so, are you looking at the correct event? Perhaps one has a form and one does not, and you are looking at the one without the form thinking that it is the other one with the form. [We're not being silly. This happens.]

If you still can't figure it out, please contact us via our website chat.

We will do our best to help!

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