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Setup: Events Filtering - Calendars & Event Alerts (CCB)
Setup: Events Filtering - Calendars & Event Alerts (CCB)

Set up permissions + selection of events filters for your Pushpay/CCB (CCB) calendar views and your event alerts.

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To make things even clearer for your church members, you can have your calendar / group views and event alerts display only those events with images, show only 1 occurrence of repeating events, and filter by group(s) and campus(es) and department(s) and location(s).

Part 1: Finding these filters

Step 1: After you log in, click on the product category you wish to work with (yellow box and arrow in image below).

For example, if we click on Calendars, the Your Calendars page will open.

Step 2: Choose the calendar or events list you wish to modify.

Step 3: If you are not already in the Setup tab, click on Setup (brown box in image below).

Step 4: Scroll down until you see Events Filtering.

Part 2: Setting these filters

For Event Alerts:

There is no possibility to Merge Recurring Events, so this item is not available:

Toggle these on or off:

  • Show private events: show or hide your non-public events (pink box in image to the left).

  • Show events with images only: just show those item which have some sort of picture or other image (brown box in image to the left). Read more + examples here.

  • Merge recurring events: show only 1 occurrence of events which repeat (yellow box in image to the left).

Add filter (turquoise box in image to the left): This is where you organize your main filtering. You use the connectors 'and' + 'or' to mix and match between your CCB groups, campuses, departments, locations and organizers.

NOTE: The default is All Groups / Campuses / Departments / Locations / Organizers.

So, if you do not select any filters, Display.Church will pull in all events from your CCB information.
This filtering logic is powerful (and a little complex). So we have given it its own article:

Click on the blue Update button at the bottom to save your selections.

Part 3: Displaying these filters

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