Ninja trick: Create images for GCal events

Attachments can add images to Google calendar events.

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Often, Google calendar events do not automatically come with images. So, Display.Church (D.C) has found a way around that.

Just before we get to that...

If the people creating the events are different from the 'syncing as' person in Display.Church, they might have difficulty accessing the required images. Here is a temporary workaround:

Let's see how this ninja trick works.

We created a Google calendar event named Cook for New Year's Celebration.

After a Quick Sync to update things, here is how the event displays in our D.C calendar view:

No image as we can see.


***This all happens within your Google Calendar account.***

Check out the turquoise box in the image below. It is an attachment of a great image for our event.

D.C will pull in the FIRST attachment listed in your Google calendar event and use it as an event image (unless the file type prevents us from doing so).

After another Quick Sync to update things, here is how the event now displays in our D.C calendar view:

Definitely a lot more exciting, right?


(1) This article has a walkthrough of how to add images to your Google calendar:
(2) You will need to give Display.Church access to your Drive API. Read more about Scopes (the Display.Church permission process) in this article:

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