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Display.Church Integration: Planning Center --> How to set it up
Display.Church Integration: Planning Center --> How to set it up

Walkthrough of the PCO integration.

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This article gets you started with the Display.Church (D.C) Planning Center (PCO) integration.


Log in to D.C.

Option 1 (for first-timers only)

In your Dashboard, click on Integrate with the platform of your choice. D.C will take you to the Integrations page.

NOTE: This is a one-time method. After you set up at least 1 integration, this option will be greyed out as completed.

To set up further integrations or manage existing integrations, use the method below.

Option 2 (good for first-time and every time)

Look at the main menu in the left-hand most column of your screen. Choose Integrations.

Either way, the Integrations page will open.

Here is a closer look at the PCO integration...

Why do some integrations have gold crowns?

The gold crown means that the integration is premium (only available with paid plans).


Step 1: Click on the blue and white Start integration button.

Step 2

The New Integration page will open.

2a. Click on the relevant Scopes (Calendar, Group). For more about Scopes, jump to this article.

To find your churchcenter name, log in to PCO and click on registrations.

Click on the Church Center downward arrow. Choose Visit on Church Center.

The name you need is the text BFORE the '.churchcenter' (see blue box in image below for position of the text you need).

2b. Click on the blue button Integrate with PCO.

Step 3

If you need to give permissions, D.C will prompt you. Here is an example:

Click on the blue button Allow.

***NOTE*** ... If you are not logged in to PCO, you will be taken to the log in screen first.

Step 4

Your successful integration will be confirmed.

Click on the blue button GO TO INTEGRATIONS PAGE.

You will also get a confirmation email. Make sure to check all your folders -- sometimes important things end up in Spam!

Step 5

The screen will refresh to the Integrations page.

After the first sync is complete, you will see something like this:


1: The PCO integration is now active.

2: Who has created this integration.

3: Last sync date and time.

4: Confirmation that D.C is syncing with PCO automatically.

5: More actions: Click on the 3 dots to open the dropdown menu (image below).

Congratulations! Now you are ready to begin adding calendars and customizing them to your church branding.

Here is the next article you need: General Overview of Display.Church.

Have fun!

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