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Display.Church Integration: Breeze--> How to set it up
Display.Church Integration: Breeze--> How to set it up

Walkthrough of the Breeze integration.

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This article gets you started with the Display.Church (D.C) Breeze integration.


Log in to D.C.

Option 1 (for first-timers only)

In your Dashboard, click on Integrate with the platform of your choice. D.C will take you to the Integrations page.

NOTE: This is a one-time method. After you set up at least 1 integration, this option will be greyed out as completed.

To set up further integrations or manage existing integrations, use the method below.

Option 2 (good for first-time and every time)

Look at the main menu in the left-hand most column of your screen. Choose Integrations.

Either way, the Integrations page will open.

Here is a closer look at the Breeze integration...

Why do some integrations have gold crowns?

The gold crown means that the integration is premium (only available with paid plans).


Step 1: Click on the blue and white Start integration button.

Step 2

The New Integration page will open.

To complete this page, copy/paste your Breeze API Key (turquoise box + arrow in image below). Then copy/paste your Breeze Subdomain (gold box + arrow in image below).

Click on the blue button Start Integration.

Step 3

A message will let you know that things are in process.

Step 4

The screen will refresh to the Integrations page.

After the first sync is complete, you will see something like this:


1: The Breeze integration is now active.

2: Who has created this integration.

3: Last sync date and time.

4: Confirmation that D.C is syncing with Breeze automatically.

5: More actions: Click on the 3 dots to open the dropdown menu (image below).

Step 5

You will also get a confirmation email. Make sure to check all your folders -- sometimes important things end up in Spam!

Congratulations! Now you are ready to begin adding calendars and customizing them to your church branding.

Here is the next article you need: General Overview of Display.Church.

Have fun!

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